Monday, August 6, 2007

Altered Multi Media Portraits

This was my first attempt at "altered portraits" from Karen Michel's class last Saturday at The Artists Nook in Fort Collins. It started with a magazine advertisement collaged over other decorative papers, mostly text. I then painted the "portrait" using the original lights and darks in the photo. It started out as a bad dream after eating too much Thai food, but by continuing to follow Karen's instructions, it turned out to be something I like. It was harder than it looked, but a very interesting way to use all those faces I am drawn to in advertisements, but not really for the picture itself but for the architecture of the faces. This technique uses the basic structure of the face to build on in which ever way you wish, realistic, dramatic, artistic, painterly, wild, surrealistic, well we could go on. . . Wonder if you could do it in pointilism? That would be a challenge! This is scanned in and the painting is too big for my scanner. I'll post the full size painting when I get a bit of time to take some photos.