Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calendargirlz journal entry

Here are two of my journal entries in the calendar RR with the Calendargirlz. I am addicted to birds and bird pictures lately. It all started several years ago when I started feeding the birds. It is so interesting to watch them every day. Hear them scold you when you haven't gotten around to feeding them when they think they should be fed. I wonder if it is the freedom birds represent, the beauty and gracefulness. Who knows? I just love birds, even the Starling, which in Africa is an absolutely spectacular bird. But then they call them "Superb Starlings" there. No wonder, they are superb! Now I will have to search for an image of the superb starling!

Collage Exercises

Well, I haven't figured out how to post in reverse order, obviously. Anyway, the following entries are all collage exercises from Kelly Kilmer's workshops. The cover is last.

Don't you just love this image in this "repeating circles" collage exercise

More pages from Taped Journal

One of the collage exercises

Journal from class with Kelly Kilmer

I took several workshops with Kelly Kilmer at the Artists' Nook in Fort Collins Recently. Really a jam packed weekend. Here are some samples of what I did in the workshops. This is the cover for what Kelly calls her "Taped Journal". I painted the paper to make the background, added the collage elements and then lace packing tape and clear packing tape over all. It makes a smashing journal cover, sturdy, shiny and fun!