Monday, September 22, 2008

Granddaughter's Sweater

This is a sweater I knitted for my granddaughter. She calls them "jackets". Just to show I can do something besides cut and paste! I also finished a pink and purple cardigan, but it needs something more so I will post it when finished!


I love making these little bird quiltlets/fabric collages, ala DJ Pettitt, Lisa Engelbrecht. I use the background fabrics made with techniques taught by Lisa using ink washes on muslin. Then I added bits of fabric, lace or ribbon and the bird image with buttons to complete the pieces.
Now all I have to do is to figure out how to hang them and if I should mount them on some heavier material. I forget to say I backed the images with wool felt pieces for stability.
The next ones I make I will extend the washes closer to the edges, check out what words are on the music before I sew it into the collage/quiltlet! And maybe work more lace or fabric into the piece.

Then I hope to utilize the soldered holders like DJ did as hangars for them.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mini Bird Quilt

This is a page I did in one of the Calendergirlz group calendars. It is a mini quilt using techniques learned from Lisa Engelbrecht and DJ Pettitt. Plus I love birds and seem to put them on every single thing I do these days. The background is scrapbook paper, then some color washed canvas with a page from a bird calendar showing the anatomy of a bird layered again with fabric and a bird stamped on another piece of color washed muslin. There is a matching tag tied into the binding with the blue fiber that is showing.