Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Joining the Convent

Every time I watch "The Nun's Story" or "The Sound of Music", I want to go join a convent, but only one that still wears the stiffly starched habits. That way I can wear red underwear under them. Go figure, I was raised a Methodist! However, this started as two full page advertisements from a magazine, woven together. I covered the whole page with Golden Matt Medium so the washes wouldn't stain the paper, but would be very transparent. I used lots more washes than I thought it would take to get some color down. The nun is a transparency I printed from some where. I love religious iconography.

A sample of a page done in a calendar RR using the calligraphy on fabric I learned from Lisa Engelbrecht's class at The Artists' Nook in Fort Collins! First we painted on the canvas scrap, then used ink to put "Mother" on the painted canvas. An excellent class, I think the name of it was Writing on Fabric! She is a great teacher and makes calligraphy seem easy and doesn't even make your neck stiff!

Dinner at American Girl Restaurant

Can't help but add photos of my darling granddaughter, Hannah! She's three and a half, going on 25! We had dinner at the American Girl Restaurant with our dollies Hannah let me take Kit for my dolly. She is giving Bitty Baby a sip of tea! We had a wonderful time