Sunday, February 6, 2011

Growing Up

My little, well not so little anymore, granddaughter got her hair cut and her ears pierced recently. I think they have more fun than we do. I want a pink Vespa!

Valentine Banners

A group of my art friends have been making these fabric WELCOME banners for the seasons since last fall. This is my Valentine addition. These are in the style of Ruth Rae, a fabric artist I admire. They are my first attempt at some of the techniques she uses.

Inchie Monday

Well, I am way late posting these and late creating the maudlin inchie. I just couldn't think of anything until the recent events in Egypt. Anyway, sure do love making these little things. Some of the ones that are posted are so intricate, it is amazing. The little clown is my mirthful representation. The one with the little flowers is just another mirthful idea, since spring flowers do bring smiles to my face.