Sunday, August 9, 2009

School Days

Here is my envelope to start a RR in the group for mailed art. We start with a large envelope, decorate it to start, send it on to the next person who adds their vision, etc., and when we get it back in the mail, what a surprise! I did my first one with a Beach theme. I loved it so much, I have already gotten my envelope ready to mail for the next one, School Days! I wonder if anyone from the group will catch me posting this early! I am never early so this is something to celebrate. I will post the finished version of the Beach theme later.

More mess from my art space

I am working on using up leftover paint on different pages in a journal so I will have a background to start with when I get inspired to write or add something. Here is an example. It is fun to just use up whatever paint you have and wonder where it will lead you. The design on the right is a strip of fabric left over from some pillow cases I made my granddaughter. I used a pencil eraser to make the dots from left over paint.

My craft table today!

I have been having so much fun just playing with my art junk, I mean supplies! Now that I have my little corner all stacked precariously around me, I have most of what I need at an arm's reach. It is dangerous. So, I am working my way through the new Somerset publication on art journaling. I remembered that all the great masters studied for years copying the great masters who came before them, hours and years on end. So, why can't that work for me? I started with Pam Garrison. I love her use of pastels and intricate designs. This is the start of a page in her style. My goal in this exercise is to learn from the masters and take the techniques that fit my "style" and go with it!

Piano Hinge Book

A friend of mine was needing a little gift for her new sister-in-law to be. I had just finished a book/journal from a kit I got by Carol Wingert at I love her kits as they are eash to do when you really want to do something but don't feel particularly inspired. I always learn some new technique and am always amazed at her originality and attention to detail! Plus the finished product is always wonderful. Anyway, I made another one similar in Tiffany blue and brown for the gift for the new bride. These are very fun to make and I was so surprised, I didn't need to go get anything except Tiffany blue flowers! I thought I had every color of paper or silk flower known to man, but no, no Tiffany blue! Thank heavens for the local Archiver's.

Market Skirt and Knitted Top

I saw this adorable skirt online at
I just had to make it for my granddaughter and then found a yarn that would make a cute knitted sleeveless top with ruffles down the front to go with it. I think Hannah needs this for the first day of school. Making things for grandchildren is very fun and much quicker than knitting or sewing for one's self! I have been sort of possessed about getting this finished this weekend. I will be close, the sweater won't be quite finished. I have the back finished and the front is nearly finished, then just add the trim around the neck and armholes and voila! I can rest.