Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally, new Inchie for Monday, Rhythmn

Finally, I got around to making an Inchie for Inchie Monday. I love making these little pieces of art! And this one was fun, after all a girl has to have her music!

Julie Haywood Thompson

I signed up for a class by Julie Haywood Thompson to learn how to make her paper clay figures, however was unable to attend due to work obligations! I guess that is why it is called work! Anyway, a friend was able to attend in my place and came home and imparted all the wisdom she learned in the class. I am thrilled with my first attempt. Here is my party dog! I will call her, Dotti.

My friend Mary Jane

This is a photo of a childhood friend and her cousin. My friend is on the right. I think this is about the cutest photo I have ever seen. And, the expressions on their faces then are the same as now. My friend still prefers to be in jeans and comfortable and would be scowling if she had to don a bonnet, ribbons and fancy shoes. Her cousin has always been very girly girly! Hope she likes it! It is a collage done on a cigar box lid. I love those cigar box lids, go figure! Probably not something to get into now.

Matchbox Exchange

Different I know, but I just participated in a matchbox exchange. We were to alter the box, then fill it with things that reminded us of spring. I can't follow directions and made a little shadowbox collage instead. Here is mine.