Sunday, September 23, 2007

Witchy Women

This is a photo of my "Weird Wonderful Window" I made in Michael DeMeng's workshop at The Artists' Nook in Fort Collins! It was such fun and such a different technique, painting on glass! As usual, I learned so much from this workshop and the next one, "Stories from the Discarded", I have no excuse but to produce more and more art! Michael is a fantastic instructor and I never leave one of his classes without feeling like my head is about to burst with all the information. I loved my "window". TeJae Floyd took this photo and sent to me, what a dear! I have known TeJae's name from a Yahoo Group, "Altered Art Obsession", and have several of her works from different swaps in that group. I have also visited her blog on numerous occasions, but had never met her before. What fun to put a face with a name! Of course, I never remember to bring a camera or get around to photographing many of my things. I vow to try to do better in the future!!! However, I do have to say, don't you love my "Witchy Women"?


Karen Campbell said...

I just love your piece, Terry -- it is so cool~!

mary schweitzer said...

This is a great piece. How lucky you are to be able to take such fun classes.
I found your blog on Vals link list. I'll be back to visit again.

Anonymous said...

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