Saturday, July 5, 2008

Doing Art with Grandchildren, the BEST!

While I was visiting my granddaughter in California in May, we did "art". We took big pieces of paper and fingerpainted them. Then I cut them in the center to make a four page book, with the painted surfaces all showing ( ala Lynne Perrella). Then we decorated the pages with pictures from
magazines, pens, markers, and for my granddaughter, the stickers were the very best. She can sticker faster than anyone I ever saw. On a serious note, it was amazing how beautiful they turned out and how personal the "journaling" with the pictures and phrases from magazines ended up being. It seems what you "find" in life is what you need in life, as long as you are open to the interpretation. Do Art with children, it expands your heart.

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kathy mc said...

I do art with my grandchildren every time they visit. I have stacks of papers they painted last time they we're here. Love the magazine idea. May have to use that one. Thanks for sharing.