Monday, September 22, 2008


I love making these little bird quiltlets/fabric collages, ala DJ Pettitt, Lisa Engelbrecht. I use the background fabrics made with techniques taught by Lisa using ink washes on muslin. Then I added bits of fabric, lace or ribbon and the bird image with buttons to complete the pieces.
Now all I have to do is to figure out how to hang them and if I should mount them on some heavier material. I forget to say I backed the images with wool felt pieces for stability.
The next ones I make I will extend the washes closer to the edges, check out what words are on the music before I sew it into the collage/quiltlet! And maybe work more lace or fabric into the piece.

Then I hope to utilize the soldered holders like DJ did as hangars for them.


Kelly said...

These are great! I do a craft newsletter for the company that produced Lisa's DVD (Creative Catalyst Productions.) I'm sending one out this week and was wondering if you'd permit me to use your images and explanation to show what artists are doing with Lisa's backgrounds. I'd link back to your blog. If no, that's fine too just let me know either way.

Thanks so much!

kelly [at]

jackie said...

Terry, these bird collages are wonderful! Lots of work involved, I can tell, but worth it since they turned out so lovely!

boniflower said...

I get the Creative Catalyst Productions e-newsletter and I am thrilled to see your work! The birds are so dear and precious! I bought a DVD from them done by Lesley Riley who does fabric altered books. She also has published books, one of which has examples of her "fragments" which are layered fabric pieces with quotations. I think you would enjoy seeing them. She has ideas for hanging them and other practical advice in one of her books.and probably on her blog.
I hope you will enjoy seeing them.
Continue to create on your wonderful artistic path! Warm wishes, Bonnie

Sandy said...

I followed the link on the creative catalyst newsletter. I enjoyed looking at your artwork. Last summer, I took a class from Lisa at Art Unraveled and had the best time. I also bought her dvd and love it. Keep up the great artwork. I enjoyed looking at your blog.

P.S. I like birds too.

Karen Campbell said...

These are so wonderful, Terry! Congrats on being published in the newsletter! And I can't wait to make some of my own. This looks like such a fun project!

"Sam" said...

Terry, wonderful blog. I've bookmarked it. On the hanger thing - I saw something in one of my magazines that showed using a wooden pants hanger. I loved the casualness of it.

jlh said...

Terry - will you remember the little people? Congratulations. Beautiful bird quilts!! Hope to see you soon. Lynn