Sunday, November 30, 2008

October 2008 Calendar Journal Pages

More calendar pages from the Calendar Girlz 2008 RR. These are the ones for October in Vale's journal style calendar. I realize, now that I have looked at them, I forgot to photograph a couple pages, Dang! One of them I liked a lot.

This is one of my favorites, however I realized, after putting great big black letters "my journal", that it was Vale's calendar and not my journal!!! I did love the colors, tho!

This is one of my favorites, too, it really makes me feel like winter. I robbed the title from a country western singer's song title, but I don't remember who's song it is. I spent lots of time building up layers of white handmade papers, but white on white isn't too effective when you glue them on top of each other. So, I added some old lace, couldn't lose the texture in that.

I do love birds, so glad Vale had a bird theme calendar to work in. I used some of the Tim Holtz masks and I think one is from someone else, I think the artist that started making the masks to begin with. I used the distress inks to rub over the masks. I would like to practice with them some more. I really like them to add background interest. My calligraphy is still not up to what I'd like it to be, but then I don't practice, practice like Lisa Engelbrecht taught us in class. I sit in court sometimes, when I am tired of listening to everyone else ramble on and on and practice my calligraphy. My assistant has yet to ask me why my notes from court are so full of doodling and random words. She's too polite!


Karen Campbell said...

These are great pages, Terry! Vale will loove the winter one ---and the bit about doodling in court is a riot LOL

jan said...

I adore your bird pages ... particularly when winter comes.