Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it 2010 already?

I can't believe it has been so long since I added to my blog. It isn't like I haven't had anything to say, I always have something to say, but maybe I talk to myself so much, it doesn't seem like talking to (posting) others is important. But I love looking at other's blogs so much, maybe someone is interested in my recent work.

First, here are my first three spreads in my journal for Calendergirlz. They are not in order, I am blogger deficient. The first one is the yellow green spread. I NEED A VACATION! Boy you can say that again. I am used to taking lots of trips, usually at least a long weekend every three months, at a minimum. However, in September my daughter and granddaughter moved back to Colorado and are living with me for now. That is a big change, much more so than I thought when the idea was proposed to me. However, what more can I ask for than to have my girls living with me. What fun!

It has also been so cold this year, lots of snow, but it has been the cold that slows down everything, including my motivation. So, I thought starting the year with a bright spring spread might help to influence global warning and warm up this place.

The second is the metallic green one. I did add the words FLY in pink glitter letters at the top of the left side and a small sentiment on the right "creative abandon". I saw this bird painting somewhere, I don't remember where, now, but thought I would try to recreate it on my tissue paper background. I also "shaved down" the growth on the birds left side. I should retake the photo and maybe I will soon. I'll post it when I do.

The third one is the turquoise one. I used partial sentences from an old book for my journaling on this page. I love to do these pages, gesso and then keep adding the first thing that comes to my mind. I love color and paint and bits of paper and glitter (added the fuscia stickles dots) last.

My journal is a long skinny one and the theme is Nature. I feel the need for having nature in my life more this year. Each week had a great quote on the bottom, so on the pages I have done, I left the quote visible. It is much like an old ledger only new!

Should I do another 2010 goal, update my blog more often???????

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Lizbethem said...

I admire the lettering on the green page especially. My goal for 2010 is to try to upgrade my hand lettering.