Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A sample of a page done in a calendar RR using the calligraphy on fabric I learned from Lisa Engelbrecht's class at The Artists' Nook in Fort Collins! First we painted on the canvas scrap, then used ink to put "Mother" on the painted canvas. An excellent class, I think the name of it was Writing on Fabric! She is a great teacher and makes calligraphy seem easy and doesn't even make your neck stiff!

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Kelly said...

Lovely page. Lisa is great! I met her when we filmed her DVD for work, and I'm counting down the days until her book comes out!

Also, I really identify with what you said in your profile. I write for a craft/mixed media newsletter as part of my job and I find myself really uncomfortable every time I use the wording "as artists we" or "as an artist I". I always want to write out, "OK I'm maybe an artist but not an Artist but even as a small 'a" artist I think..." Congratulations on beginning to eke out your own space in all of it.