Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Joining the Convent

Every time I watch "The Nun's Story" or "The Sound of Music", I want to go join a convent, but only one that still wears the stiffly starched habits. That way I can wear red underwear under them. Go figure, I was raised a Methodist! However, this started as two full page advertisements from a magazine, woven together. I covered the whole page with Golden Matt Medium so the washes wouldn't stain the paper, but would be very transparent. I used lots more washes than I thought it would take to get some color down. The nun is a transparency I printed from some where. I love religious iconography.

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Val Foster said...

Hi Terry. Just cruised on over to your blog. Sorry, I didn't know you'd posted recently, and am glad you did.

This piece is really beautiful. I love the weaving, and how you incorporated two images. How in the heck did you do that? And the colors are great. The whole piece is great.

I hope you keep posting your new works. And your granddaughter is a real cutie!