Saturday, January 24, 2009

12 Days of Christmas, 2008

I forget to post in chronological order! This was my contribution to the 12 Days of Christmas swap on my Altered Art Reliquiary Yahoo group. I wish the bird showed better. I made a mold of the bird in rubber stamp material, then made the birds from PMC silver. I used my new kiln for the first time to fire them! Yea! It worked! After polishing I added resin with silver or turquoise Perfect Pearls to the resin. I added the potato freshwater pearl danglie and tied with hand dyed silk ribbon. I hope the Diva's enjoy hanging them on their trees each year as much as I enjoyed making them. The beautiful things I got in this exchange will be treasured.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Terry,
I'm posting as anonymous because I forgot my google blogger password (ugh!) and still haven't figured it out but my name is Kim and I'm an art lover and do-er and my email is:

Since I don't have a blog all I have to give you is an email...sorry about that.

Anyway...I found your blog through a search for Lynne Perrella. I understand you did a workshop with her awhile ago. I'm considering taking one with her too...only quite far away (France) and quite expensive, too. And I wondered about your thoughts about her as an instructor and your experience at the workshop... Was she good, wonderful, average, bad, etc...and the same for what you got out of the you feel it was worth the fee? Was yours long--like a week or a weekend?? If you don't mind, would you tell me if you think I should spend $2500 for a week with her? Would I learn a lot do you think? Is she a nice person? Etc., etc. Whatever you think I should know would be great....I know all this is subjective...but I heard a few great things about her and two not so good things and I'm trying to figure it all out. She is co-teaching with a fellow artist, Anne Bagby and I've heard virtually nothing about her. If you know anything about Anne, that would be nice, too. I would appreciate your time and opinions. Thanks in advance very much!!I know these things take time, just to write a short note even---but I would really appreciate it very very much!!
Sincerely, Kim at: