Friday, June 12, 2009

Etching metal

I took a workshop in April with Stephanie Lee at Carol Park's studio in Los Angeles. What a fun instructor and lots to learn. Here is my beginning of trying the metal etching at home. The pieces aren't finished yet, but they are so pretty already, wanted to share. A friend came over to put some of her metal pieces in the etching bath so we wouldn't be too wasteful. Just as we got settled down on patio with metal in bath, wind, hail, rain! When the tornado sirens went off, we had sense enough to go in the house and check for weather warnings. A tornado touched down about 3 miles away, as the crow flies. However, neither wind, hail, rain or tornados have kept us from our art. We finished up our etching and then the sun came out!!!!! The joys of living in Colorado. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes!


Connie said...

terry- terrific etch design!
did you use b and w laser prints on blue pnp paper and iron it on, or did you use laser prints with vinegar and iron it on ...which type of acid did you use? just nosey....

Kerin said...

Love the etching and your bravery!!! It would be so fun to see what you make with these!

jan said...

Oh Terry ... this etching is lovely!!! I like how you used the photo for your blog banner.


Anonymous said...

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