Friday, June 5, 2009


I have been inspired by a number of artists who are combing fabric and paper in their collage work plus combining machine stitching to add additional texture to the collage. The artists are too numerous to list them all. In this one I used Lisa Englebrecht's ink wash on fabric for the background. I then used different fabrics and papers and included an image from Paper Whimsey. I rarely use images from "strangers", usually thinking my family is so beautiful, why would I use a stranger. But this girl spoke to me, so here she is! I added some buttons to the final piece. I intended to add embroidery, but by the time I had all the layers on the canvas background, I would have had to use a hammer to get a needle through it to add embroidery. I will have to think ahead more if I am going to add embroidery to these pieces. The hanger is a piece of brass wire with brass links soldered to it and stitched to the canvas. I got this idea from DJ Pettitt.


jackie said...

Oh my! This is such a lovely piece of art!! Your use of textures and colors and buttons and ribbon and lace is just stunning!!

pulledfromthefire said...

Very nice...I love all the red!