Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photos from my Trip

Elephants on parade up from having a drink at the river. Lots of babies! This was taken at Tarangire Safari Lodge in Tarangire National Park. It is my favorite lodge to stay, we get to stay in tents and hear the lions at night wandering around the tents. Why that doesn't make afraid, I don't know.
Acacia trees have such beautiful sillouettes. This was taken at Undutu Lodge, an old hunting camp at the edge of the Serengeti. It was a favorite of Hemingway in the 50's.
They have such rich sunsets on the Serengeti. Of course it is because of how dusty it is, but they are beautiful anyway. No tricks to this photo, this is exactly how it looks, well only it is better in real life!
Necking zebras! They are such beautiful animals and they frequently stand nose to tail so they can swish the flies away from their neighbors.
Mama lion with a wildebeast in her sights.

Here are some photos from the trip. You may want to go view a site where I put lots more. They can be found at:

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