Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visual Travel Journal

I very much enjoyed my art journaling kit and working in my journal on my trip to Tanzania. Here is a photo of me working on it. I was amazed how much I enjoyed putting the sights down with pen, paint. The mini watercolor set from Windsor Newton was perfect, as was the water pen. I used a watercolor Moleskin journal. It was just the right size.Here are some of the paintings, sketches I did while I was there. I love giraffes, so here is a cute one. They are so graceful even though they look as though they would be so awkward!
Everyone bought green bananas at the market this day. If I saw one, I saw 50 women carrying green bananas home. I am not sure I got the proportion right as those bunches of bananas were huge and the women carried them up the hill on their heads with what seemed like, no effort at all. The mountain in the background is Mt. Kilimanjaro. However, the snow on top is not an accurate depiction. The snow has melted so much. There is hardly any icecap left on the poor mountain. I believe in global warming after seeing the changes that have happened to that mountain! It will have far reaching effects to the towns and villages at the base of the mountain who depend so much on the water from the mountain. Some day it will be gone. What then?

There were hundreds of mangos on this tree! It would be great to have this in my back yard!
This is the view on the road driving in from the airport. Kilimanjaro Airport is about 45 minutes out of Arusha Town, our home base. The soil is volcanic and rich and there are cornfields, sunflower fields and bananas growing all along the road! And the road is smooth! It was not in 1998 when I went for the first time!


Lorri Scott said...

Terry, I love handmade, art travel journals! Your artwork is beautiful! I'd love to see this in person some day.

Lorri Scott

Vale said...

Hi Terry!
What a treat for the eyes your travel journal is, and your watercolours are amazing! I love those mangoes you painted. And of course, your Africa photos are simply breathtaking.
Hugs! Vale :)

jackie said...

Oh my, Terry! I didn't realize how talented you are! Your sketches and water colors are wonderful! I am very impressed!

Arting Around said...

Thanks Ladies!