Sunday, August 9, 2009

Piano Hinge Book

A friend of mine was needing a little gift for her new sister-in-law to be. I had just finished a book/journal from a kit I got by Carol Wingert at I love her kits as they are eash to do when you really want to do something but don't feel particularly inspired. I always learn some new technique and am always amazed at her originality and attention to detail! Plus the finished product is always wonderful. Anyway, I made another one similar in Tiffany blue and brown for the gift for the new bride. These are very fun to make and I was so surprised, I didn't need to go get anything except Tiffany blue flowers! I thought I had every color of paper or silk flower known to man, but no, no Tiffany blue! Thank heavens for the local Archiver's.


Anonymous said...

This is really lovely!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Terry- I'm loving all the stuff you've been doing in your journals lately! Your Tiffany Blue one is goreous, and the backgrounds are so yummy as you are using up your paints! I really like the color combos you've been doing- so bright and cheery!