Sunday, August 9, 2009

School Days

Here is my envelope to start a RR in the group for mailed art. We start with a large envelope, decorate it to start, send it on to the next person who adds their vision, etc., and when we get it back in the mail, what a surprise! I did my first one with a Beach theme. I loved it so much, I have already gotten my envelope ready to mail for the next one, School Days! I wonder if anyone from the group will catch me posting this early! I am never early so this is something to celebrate. I will post the finished version of the Beach theme later.

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jackie said...

Ah-ha! I caught you!! And what is unreal is that your School envie looks exactly like MINE - at least what mine looks like in my mind! I can't believe this!! I even bought blackboard Contact paper to cover my envie in so we can chalk on it!
Yours looks great!
I really like your knitting and sewing project! Lucky little granddaughter! And that piano hinge book is to die for!! I love the colors that you used - I'm sure the bride really loved it! I always enjoy your journaling and other art too - you're so talented!