Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Journal Pages

Happy Valentine's Day a bit early. This was a very fun page to do. I don't even remember how it started, but it has some dyed paper towels, bits of paper and tissue, vintage Valentines and a new vintage postcard. I added the tissue garland at the bottom. I just love that stuff, don't know why, but I do.I tried really hard to keep this page in black, grey and white. Didn't work too well, but I like it anyway. I gessoed the background and started adding some bits from my work table. I started with the number and then the stamps. I love finding that just the bits laying in a pile on my table can actually result in a somewhat cohesive piece. Of course the photo of my darling granddaughter trying on her mother's first recital tutu from 30+ years ago! And then I just had to add some red. I couldn't leave the black and white alone. You can't tell it, but the wings on my granddaughter have tiny hearts on them!!!!!!! Other than that, it is just a list of things I want to be mindful of.

In 2010 the first two months' journal pages are my own. I have been just jumping in and trying new techniques. This purple and green one started with painters tape and a black ink wash over the top. It was totally unsuccessful but did leave some interesting spots. I added the green and purple washes over the spaces left white, added my usual discarded bits of paper and other pieces of whatever on my workspace. I keep thinking if I keep using these bits soon my art desk will be clear. Unfortunately for every piece or bit I use, I add three more it seems like. A postcard with a great image that advertises something totally useless, a tag from the dry cleaning, it just happens!

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