Sunday, February 7, 2010

Journal Pages 2010

Both of these journal entries focus on family and family history and memories. I strongly believe the history we have behind us, our family is, if not the strongest, one of the strongest influence on our lives. So, here is one of my favorite photos of myself, just have been about 4 years old saying thank you. The transparency of my mother is sandwiched with a baby photo of me and my favorite photo of my father behind. A family sandwich! Yea, I get to be the filling! I used several kinds of pens to write first horizontally and then perpendicularly over the top.

This last spread is just bits from my table over my favorite paint, the craft paint from Hobby Lobby you get on sale. I know it has lots more gesso type material in it and that limits its use for many other techniques, but here it makes it opaque and it also gives the page a good tooth. I added the little glassine envelope with several little pieces of paper with words of affirmation and a stamped favorite image. I like that pout. I love this journal style/technique. It is a combination of several of my favorite journalers, Teesha Moore, Pam Garrison, and many more that I can't remember right now. Each month I go over each new issue of Somerset Journaling issue to find a new technique I can incorporate into my journal. I'd like to say I am original, but what I am is a very good learner from those who have already invented the wheel!


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