Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here are some recent works. The bird with the red berries is a painting on 12X12 art board with deep sides which I forgot to photo, but they are covered with vintage sheet music. The blue ones are from a series of small canvases, the largest being 6X6. I love anything with glitter and birds and can't resist many butterflies either.

My goal or sort of new year's resolution is to let nature into my life more. Of course, the purpose is to makes myself move more, and hopefully by spring I will be walking the dog down the recreation path near my home where all the ducks have their babies and there is always something new and beautiful, a fox, a beaver swimming down the canal, wild flowers. I miss that and my lack of good health has kept me from enjoying these things as much as I would like and I can tell that my life is much less full without them!

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